Photographer / Designer

john dowler

I’ve been exploring with a camera for over forty years, in 25 countries on five continents. I’ve lived though the transitions from negatives and slides to digital media, from old school darkroom printing to complex post-processing using Photoshop and other tools. With the advent of the web in the early nineties I learned to create online content. I’ve been a digital designer since 2002, and photography has remained a strong basis for that work.

The images on this site were largely made for their own sake. I also do client photography and video as part of larger digital strategies. See my design site,

I remember the plaintive entreaties of my French teacher coming to get me for class in the mid nineteen seventies, knocking on the darkroom door. Because you couldn’t open the door during photo processing, I was safe and sound. The dark room was like the monastic chamber of the high school and I spent many hours there in contemplation of light.

Over the years themes emerged in my work. I was attracted to animals and exotic countries. I noticed tourist shots emphasized buildings over people, so I concentrated on capturing people in ‘decisive moments’. I liked abstracts as a themeless enjoyment of geometry and colour. I changed perspectives by taking long exposures of moving people to see how we look in a different frame of time.

My motivation is synaesthetic enjoyment; I feel the perfect fit of subject and perspective, and can almost taste the broad pallet of colours in the world. Light and image are wordless, helping me still the endless chatter in my mind.